Few cities in the world can boast a feather in their cap like Sorrento, Pearl and Pride of the Sorrento Peninsula. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sorrento also enjoys a millenary enogastronomic tradition with its typical cuisine characterized by simple dishes, created with the basic ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine.
Sorrento, over the years, has enchanted some of the most distinguished exponents of European culture, including Nietzsche, Goethe, Dickens, Ibsen, Wagner and also the great Caruso who, with his song "Torna a Surriento", helped to make it known to the whole world and today, thousands of tourists come here every year.

What to see in Sorrento

Historical center

One of the ideal places for shopping is the historic center of Sorrento, an endless series of shops, offering a thousand souvenirs, local handicrafts such as ceramics, sandals, spices, aromas and liqueurs. Do not overlook the typical inlaid wood works of the master craftsmen of Sorrento. Their little shops are a reassuring and colorful presence that is often projected outside the store, covering the walls with shapes and colors. All this characterizes the environment and makes the walk along the streets of the center pleasant.
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Here below are some references to beaches a few meters from us:
SPIAGGIA DI SAN FRANCESCO : Leonelli's Beach e Marameo Beach
MARINA GRANDE : Bagni Zi Ntonio mare e Bagni Delfino

Museo Correale di Terranova

A visit to the Museum creates a great interest and attention, both for fans of painting and for lovers of decorative and archaeological arts. This place documents the ancient historical roots of the city of Sorrento. (See: http://www.museocorreale.it).

 Villa Comunale

The villa stands on the gardens of the Franciscan friars and was built between the years 1877 and 1879. The Villa has ancient trees that give to the guests a lovely shaded area to shelter from the summer heat. It overlooks the sea and you can also admire two busts, which date back to the early twentieth century, one dedicated to the historian Bartolommeo Capasso and another to Francesco Saverio Gargiulo. The Villa has a hill which reaches the sea and which allows a pleasant walk, but the lazy ones can use the lift always available for only € 1.
www. http://www.penisola.it/sorrento

Other equally fascinating places…..

La Cattedrale SS. Filippo e Giacomo
Le Ville Romane di Puolo
I Bagni della Regina Giovanna
Marina Grande

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